2 and 3 Rail Fences in Los Angeles

Installing fencing around a commercial or industrial property doesn’t have to mean blocking yourself off from the world. There are options that are just as stylish as they are practical. If you are looking for a fence that will fit perfectly on your property without becoming an eyesore, and will comply with all the regulations you need it to, then rail fencing might just be for you. Here is everything you need to know about installing 2 and 3 rail fences in Los Angeles

Why Choose Rail Fences

Rail fences possess a timeless design, one that is simple enough to fit on virtually any property. The rustic feel of rail fences have long appealed to members of every industry, and have grown in popularity recently for their easy installation process. At Izurieta Fence Co., we build incredible wood and metal 2 and 3 rail fences that stand the test of time. Here are some of the reasons commercial and industrial property owners choose rail fencing: 


  • Price: Rail fences are typically a less expensive fencing option, requiring fewer materials and a less involved installation process than other kinds of fences
  • Convenience: 2 and 3 rail fences in Los Angeles are easy and fast to install, and even easier to maintain. Rail fences rarely require repairs and can last for decades with routine maintenance
  • Safety: Though your property may not require a 7-foot tall privacy-fence, you do want something to help keep the property safe. Rail fences are perfect for guiding visitors to the correct place, keeping out wildlife and critters, and providing protection for the property
  • Aesthetic: 2 and 3 rail fences are a classic choice for anyone looking to delineate their property and add extra protection. Though rail fences may evoke a sense of rustic earthiness, they are now a common and attractive addition to many urban and suburban environments


Izurieta Fence Co. – Providing 

Izurieta Fence Co. has been building and installing high-quality durable fencing throughout the Los Angeles area since 1978. Specializing in fences of all kinds, like chain link, wrought iron, wood, and vinyl, Izurieta Fence Co. has created a reputation building secure perimeters for commercial and industrial properties. 

Not sure what kind of fence you are looking for, or what kind will best fit your needs? Izurieta Fence Co.’s team of professional fence builders can help you determine your exact needs. Schedule a private consultation, and Izurieta Fence Co. will assess your property requirements. It may be that you are the perfect candidate for a 2 or 3 rail fence. 

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